Frequently Asked Questions








No, while Hydromer has the ability to prime - it is free of silicones, fragrances, alcohol and dyes.

Yes, Hydromer is a vegan formula. And as with all our formulas and brand value, Hydromer is cruelty-free.

No, while Hydromer possess photoprotective properties - a dedicated sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 is still necessary even indoors.

Hydromer forms an invisible, breathable film that safeguard skin for the entire day. Because it is a macromolecule, it does not “evaporate” or fully sink into skin.

No, while Hydromer has the ability to retouch skin’s appearance and prime - Hydromer is a 100% skincare formula that holds true to Slurp Laboratories’ standards for skin health.

Yes, Hydromer is suitable for all skin types and balances out oil-hydration levels, regulating dryness or oiliness overtime.

Hydromer was developed to shield your skin against inevitable irritants to prevent potential inflammatory triggers and enable uninterrupted healing first and foremost. If your skin is susceptible to irritation / congestion from dust, city pollution and even sunscreen formulas - Hydromer is recommended. Or if you just want that unmistakable dewy skin appearance, with a host of additional benefits.

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